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Robogirl by Samuel Conlogue (via)


Victo Ngai. CW Cover - Cobol Braindrain.

Cover illustration for the ComputerWorld magazine about the Cobol Braindrain.

When the last Cobol programers retire, 50 years of business processes within the softwares they created may be lost. I was playing with the term “braindrain, and came up with the idea of a giant creature mourning over the lost of his precious programer blood from his third eye (the gateway to higher consciousness and knowledge). (from the artist site)

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Cover illustration for Technicall by Tomas Muller

Robot 1920" by Sebastiàn Giacobino


An illustration pulled from my weekly blog of Bad Dudes.

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Donato Giancola, Stardust, 2009

20” x 24.5”, oil on paper on panel 

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"Robbie and Kitty" sketch by Sarah Wilkinson

"Robbie and Kitty" sketch by Sarah Wilkinson

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