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Propaganda images I created for Topps Company’s upcoming Star Wars Perspective series of trading cards.
These are “Chase Cards” packed in limited quantities.

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Planet Travel Posters Sets Mars & Venus by Ron Guyatt

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The Project:

Space tourism is still a long ways off, but it’s not hard to imagine that someday, tourists will visit the natural geological landmarks of other worlds much like they tour the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest or Ayers Rock. Each of these great tourist destinations needs a classic retro travel poster to entice visitors. Until the day people settle off world and make their own destinations many of these may be the places that people will want to travel too. I hope that these posters can inspire people to think beyond our world to the limitless possibilities of the Universe.

Posters Available at My Store

I want to go to there. And there. And there.

I propose we add the Geysers of Enceladus and the Great Crater of Mimas to the itinerary.

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Mars Attacks, Invasion: Propaganda Cards by Steve Thomas / Store

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Star Trek Poster Series by Patrick Connan

Part of the Star Trek tribute art show, Final Frontier, presented by Geek Art / Tumblr. Opening June 3rd 2013 at Le Dernier Bar avant la Fin du Monde in Paris.

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Get “Dune” on HBO/Showtime: Convince HBO or Showtime to pick up Frank Herbert’s “Dune” for a TV series.

If any book is worthy of syndication as a TV series its “Dune”. This book series creates the hallmarks of what is good Science Fiction. Challenging our perspectives of what it means to be human and connect with others when forces seem conspire against us.

It would be a great honor if “Dune” were developed by carrying hands into a television series to be featured on HBO or Showtime.

Sign the petition at

Yes please.

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“Cloud City Aerial Tours" by Steve Thomas

Cloud City Aerial Tours" by Steve Thomas


L’impero Colpisce Ancora

(The Empire Strikes Back)

Created by Timothy Anderson

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